Did you ever notice how many flag-related holidays we have at the beginning of summer? There are three! And one big one is coming up on us quickly—the Fourth of July!

A Little Different From 2020


What will the Fourth look like this year? I know places have opened up and some events are happening, but it is going to vary. It will also be up to you whether to participate or not. Some of you are not vaccinated and your kids are not able to be vaccinated, so you will choose to stay at home. But the great thing about Texas is that you can drive anywhere, and watch a firework show from your car! You can even simply walk down the street in many neighborhoods, and still catch a great view. It’s easy to safely socially distance for the Fourth of July!


You might even decide to stay home and watch fireworks and events on the TV.

If You Have Noise-Sensitive Kiddos


For those of you who have kiddos who are noise sensitive or get easily overwhelmed, attending a live event may be a real challenge for you. I encourage you to think about alternatives. I’ve mentioned two of these above, having a drive-by Fourth or walking to an area or outside an area where you can still get a good view but from a distance. Kiddos who are sensitive to firework noise do much better when the sounds are at more of a distance.


Have an Exit Plan



If you do choose to attend an event, be prepared! Have an exit plan. Make sure your car isn’t blocked and that you can get out quickly. Have a plan to take your kiddo out of the noise and confusion and find some quiet. Sometimes they just need a few minutes away to regroup.


Check The Weather


Check the weather ahead of time. Many of our kiddos become irritated when it’s really hot. Make sure you have a plan for dealing with the heat and keep them well-hydrated.


Plan Now


I’m hoping for the best for this Fourth of July, but I always plan for the worst. Make your plans now so that you can be prepared! And have a wonderful Fourth of July!

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