What do your kids do for hobbies? What can our kids do for hobbies?
When I was growing up I had several hobbies. I used to collect stamps and coins. One summer I got very interested in dogs and drew all the different kinds of dogs.


Explore Diffferent Types of Hobbies


Summer is a great time to explore hobbies! These can be sedentary hobbies like drawing and stamp collecting, or jewelry making, painting, or beading. They can also be athletic hobbies.
This can also be a great time to develop a flexible summer curriculum including outings and research so that they can really dive into their hobbies and get to understand them.


Your Child’s Interests


We have a lot of kiddos here who tend to obsess over certain topics and stay pretty restricted with their leisure time. Summer is a great time to expand some of their interests and hobbies, relating their current obsessions to something similar. If your child is interested in dinosaurs, maybe you can spend some time looking up what dinosaur habitats were like. If your child likes trains, you can spend the summer learning about different types of trains and go to a train museum. Or even take a ride on a train!
From there, you can expand their interest into a sister topic that is similar but still connected.

Talk Your Child’s Therapists


Talk to your therapists! They have great suggestions for different hobbies and leisure skills you can try, based on your child’s ability and repertoire.
Have fun this summer!

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