Let’s talk about vaccinations!

Our Staff


Here at Cutting Edge, we qualify as 1A for getting the Covid-19 vaccine because we are in health care. That said, it’s really up to each employee to make that decision for themselves. Most of our staff has decided to get the vaccine, so we have been fully vaccinated for a while now.


That does not mean we’re not wearing masks when we are with your kids! We are still wearing masks because of course, most of your children are not vaccinated.


The 3 Vaccines


As you probably know by now, there are three vaccines available. Moderna and Johnson and Johnson are both available for ages 18 and up. But Pfizer is available for ages 12 and above, so anyone from 12 on up can get the Pfizer vaccine now. The Johnson and Johnson is a single dose, and the other two are two doses. Pfizer’s doses are given three weeks apart, Moderna’s four weeks apart.


If your kiddos are getting vaccinated, you’re going to be able to open up your life and do more things. Back during Spring Break, many of the parents were vaccinated but the kids were not.

What To Consider


As you weigh whether or not to get the vaccine for your children, it is important to consider any underlying health concerns. Please talk to your physician and see if they recommend the vaccine for your kiddo.


Drive-Thru Sites


I have vaccinated my boys who have autism, and I found that the drive-through vaccine sites are the easiest to navigate for us and our clients. There are fewer transitions. Everyone stays in the car, and family is always with them. If they need help, a family member is right there. Also, the whole process is very fast. You drive up and are moved through the process very quickly. Your longest time is the 15-minute waiting time after the vaccine!

Bring Entertainment To The Appointment


If you do have to go inside for a vaccine, make sure you have an appointment and something for your kiddo to do or to entertain them while they’re waiting, like an iPhone or an iPad.

My Experience With My Boys


We do recommend that your get your kids vaccinated if you can. My boys didn’t really have any reactions. Everything they experienced was on the milder side. They’ve been fully vaccinated for about four weeks now, and they’re doing fine! And it gives us so much more freedom!

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