The weather is getting warmer! I’ve been wearing capris and enjoying the sunshine (when we have it)! I’ve also been wondering what summer will look like this year, so I took to the internet and found that … camps are back! Many camps have said that they will be open this summer. Of course, they are running the camps safely, with appropriate protocols in place.

Speech and Occupational Therapy Camps


We will be running our camps here at Cutting Edge this summer. We are running a speech and occupational therapy camp in July (call the office at 469-675-3153 to check for dates). Just as it sounds, this camp will address both of those disciplines, working together. We have lots and lots of volunteers, which means we will be able to put the kiddos in cohorts and keep them at safe distances and healthy. We will be using our larger gym, which has plenty of space.

Social Skills Groups


We also have two different social skills groups going. Those run for six-week periods, starting in June and going through July. Make sure you call the front office and get information on those because registration has already started and these are filling up quickly.

How to Get More Info


When you call us, we can give you more information about the curricula and the different materials we will be using. We tend to customize these camps as our campers sign up so that we can make the sessions appropriate for the campers we have.




Our priority is keeping our kiddos healthy. So remember, if your kids are sick, do not bring them to camp, and do not bring them to the social skills group.

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