It is graduation season!


I had the privilege of going to my oldest son’s graduation ceremony a few weeks ago! I was excited to see how they were going to manage graduation under our current conditions with the pandemic.

Check-In Registration


My son graduated from Collin College. The school had students sign up for 15-minute time slots at their Technical Campus. They only allowed a certain number of people inside the building at a time. They had tables set up inside, and he went to each table to check-in and get his cap and his diploma holder.




After that, they lined up to go into the main room. This was a large room in which they had set up two vignettes. Two students were allowed in at a time, and each went to his own vignette. At each station, they had professors dressed in their academic regalia and masks. He was able to take pictures there with the professors. They also had other areas set up for taking photos. Outside of the building they had big yard art that said “Congratulations 2021!” which made another nice photo backdrop.



Length of Time (or Lack Thereof)



We were probably there for 15 minutes. I have to admit, I did enjoy not having to sit through a 21/2 hour graduation ceremony! This way we were able to maximize our time, and it was enjoyable. I was proud of the way the school handled things, and I think their modifications worked well.


Ask In Advance



If you have a graduation to go to this season, make sure you find out in advance what the setup will be like. I have a feeling that most of them are going to be similar to the experience I had.


Enjoy! Congratulations to all graduates, including my son, Trent!

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