Spring Break is here!


For some people, life changes and schedule changes are fine! But for many of our kiddos, this is not the case.



Because the pandemic is still going on, and not everyone is vaccinated, and we still have to think about masks, etc., we have to think about the options that are available to us for Spring Break. Many of you have kids who have compromised immune systems, and you may choose to stay home that week. That’s great! Make sure you fill their day with activities and keep some structure going. Weekends are great for your unstructured time, but during the week it’s going to be much better if you keep some structure going. Do some fun things! Cook! Play games! Do creative things! Go on long walks! But do keep some structure in your day so that your kids are getting their sensory diets, and they’re able to modulate as you guys have a fun time.




There will be some of you who will be traveling. Traveling right now presents some challenges, so pre-plan for those challenges carefully. Many of you may be driving rather than taking an airplane. It’s always nice to take a break from the house, but remember, we still want to make sure we have some structure to our days, we know what’s going on, and we plan.


Additional Treatments


We will be here at Cutting Edge! Many of you have had to miss out on treatments because of snow and ice, and various things, so we have lots of kiddos coming in for additional treatment during that time. Some of you will have Spring Break one week, some of you will have it another week. There are even some school districts that are out a week and a half! Just know that we are here, and you can book additional visits.


Consult Your Clinician


If you are going to take a trip and you have concerns about your kiddo, as always, talk to your clinicians. They have great insights to share with you on how to structure your kids’ days, and how to make the trip a fun trip rather than a nightmare.


Be safe, everyone! I hope that soon we will all have the option of getting vaccines! That will be a great thing for some of us to be able to get out and do our normal spring activities!


Have a great Spring Break!

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