Pediatric Physical Therapy


When children present with developmental delays, simple tasks such as walking, sitting, running, jumping, and many more can become a day to day challenge. Pediatric Physical Therapists work to ensure that your child is provided with the services required to promote proper development of gross motor skills, upper and lower body strength, improve their movement patterns, range of motion, and flexibility. Essentially, we help your child move their body in the most efficient way possible to encourage functional independence within their environment.


Age Ranges


Physical Therapists work with a wide age range starting from newborns to adulthood and with various diagnoses including Autism, Cerebral palsy, Torticollis, Down’s syndrome, EDS, delayed gross motor development, and many more. Gross motor skills include activities that require the use of large muscle groups such as sitting, running, jumping, walking, kicking, throwing, etc. When children have difficulty with the activities previously mentioned it could be due to muscle weakness, lacking body awareness, difficulty coordinating movements, less stability when balance is challenged, and difficulty engaging their muscles when needed.


Your Next Step


If you feel that your child is in need of physical therapy services based on the topics listed above you can check with your healthcare provider to receive a PT referral to a clinic including Cutting Edge. At Cutting Edge, we also offer quick screenings to assess if your child will benefit from physical therapy. We look forward to getting to know your child and providing them with the best possible care!


PT Tip of the Month by Felicia Okeiyi, PT, DPT

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