Have you heard about our holiday intensives?


Many parents are already starting to book these! Our holiday intensives are an intensive period of therapy, in which we come up with a customized schedule for your kiddo.


You May Have Extra Visits


Many of you have been out because of holidays, the pandemic, and other life changes. This means that many of you have lots of extra visits that you haven’t used for the year! Remember that if you don’t use these by the end of the year, you lose them. Also, many of you have met your insurance deductibles for the year. Some of you have met your out-of-pocket maximums. That means you won’t pay anything for additional services, as long as you have that available on your plan!

Have I Met My Deductible


If you’re not sure about what your plan will allow or whether you’ve met the deductible, you can always check with our front office. They’ll be able to tell you.


We Can Customize Your Child’s Intensive


If your plan does allow for some intensive therapy we can customize this to be optimal for you and your kiddo. We generally do these for occupational and physical therapy. Our speech therapists can provide therapy in an intensive, but speech gets billed out differently so we make the arrangements a bit differently. We can also do aquatic therapy in an intensive!

Spots Are Limited


Check with the front desk and get on the schedule, because things are really booking fast!

Holiday Hours


We will be open throughout the holidays. For most of you your benefits change on January 1, so you can take advantage of any extra sessions you have for this year until 12/31. We are open every day except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. We will be open the Eves and the days after the holidays. We do not follow the school schedules. We have our own schedule that is centered around being open as much as possible to accommodate you. We can also customize your kiddos’ times during the holiday so that we can get you in earlier, or have later appointments.


Your Next Step


Give our offices a call, and get those intensives booked!

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