We have so many exciting things happening in the new year!


Spencer’s Java and Jam


We had a little setback on our ABA building, and Spencer’s Java and Jam. We had a flood that happened overnight about 6 weeks ago that led to us having to re-do several sections of the building. But it’s finished now!


This means that in early 2021 Spencer’s Java and Jam will be open! Remember, this is part of our Cutting Edge Cares 501c3 nonprofit. We will have coffees and pastries available for you and you can give a donation through Venmo.

Our Grocery Store


The other thing that will be open in 2021 will be the Cutting Edge grocery store! We will have more information on that coming soon, but this is another great program that we have housed in the ABA building.


New Year’s Hours


We will be open the day after New Year’s Day! We will be open on New Year’s Eve! (Though we will probably close early.) We will not be open on New Year’s Day.


Insurance Policies


Knowing that New Year’s is coming up fast, please check your insurance policies. Probably 90% of our families here have insurance that starts the new plan year on New Year’s Day. Many of you, probably the majority of you, are not changing your insurance plans. But your plans still may change! From time to time, insurance companies tweak plans and move things around. Make sure your coverage is not changing, and if it is changing, make sure you know how it’s changing.


If you do find any changes to your plan, please let us know. It works best for us if you communicate directly with us to give us any updates or information. Also, if you get new cards, you can take a picture of your card and scan it and send it into the info email.


If you are changing your insurance plan, please, please, please let us know! And please bring your new information in so that we can verify your benefits. We will be more accurate in our billing if you provide us with the most up to date information. If you don’t, that will delay the process and we may have to delay services, and you may end up with mounting balances. Nobody wants that! But if we can get the correct information quickly, we can move forward and process it.


Your insurance company will not tell us anything about what your benefits are going to be on your new plan until January 1. And they won’t be open that day! We will be making lots of phone calls to your insurance company so that we can verify all that information.

Address or Phone Number Changes


If you’ve had an address or phone number changes, please update your demographics with us. We can’t reach you if we don’t know that information. If we send you a statement or an account balance and we have an old email address, that information will not reach you.


This is a great time to start getting all that stuff together and making it easy for everyone!


Bring on 2021!


We are looking forward to 2021! We hope to be able to have an open house in the spring so that you can see the new building. And we hope everyone has a very healthy 2021!

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