We have just released some new protocols at Cutting Edge. These are pretty stringent protocols because we know we are headed into flu season, strep throat is going around, and of course, there has been an increase in Covid-19 in multiple states, including hot spots in Texas.



If you are planning to travel, we need to know where you are traveling so that we can see if you will be in an at-risk area. If you choose to travel to an at-risk area you will have to quarantine. We want to make sure that we are erring on the side of caution for everyone here. We appreciate your efforts in coming in for therapy, and in trying to get your lives back to normal, and we don’t want to add any additional stress to your kiddos or your family.


Spraying Devices



Right now we are using our spraying device four times a day throughout the clinic. This means that we spray everything down about every two hours. We know that surface contamination is not a big risk, but we want to make sure that we are covering everything.



Our therapists are all wearing masks and shields. We are taking your kids’ temperatures. We have kid masks. We have gloves. We are doing a lot more work in our smaller treatment rooms and only using the gyms when there can be no more than two therapists and two kiddos in there at a time, in different parts of the room.




We are working hard to do our part! And so far we’ve been successful and it’s been working well. We have realized that the biggest risk for contagion here is, for instance, someone going to a wedding, or any family gathering, where someone else is asymptomatic and spreads the virus. That person can then come back here and spread the virus. If you do have an exposure we can usually go back on Telehealth for your therapy sessions. We want to preserve some kind of structure and some form of normal, so we are always happy to help you continue therapy in any way we can. We can also give you activities to do at home. We can send home worksheets and home exercise programs.




If you have to quarantine, please reach out! We will get you set up in Telehealth and do what we can to cover things as long as you need because we don’t want your kiddo to have a disruption in their lives. It’s very traumatic to go through a disruption.


Every Family is Different


We have families who say, “Well, we’ll be back when Covid is over.” We don’t know how long we will be dealing with this. From the beginning of COVID to the end, it could be two years. Are you going to stop your life for two years? I don’t think you can realistically do that. I think some options have to change. As time has gone on many of our families who said this initially are now realizing that we do have our precautions in place and are being careful, and it’s better for their kids to come in. Is it a perfect setup? No. Nothing is perfect. But we are doing all that we can.


Breakdown of our Protocols


We ask you all to hang in there with us. If you’d like a list or a breakdown of all of our protocols we are more than happy to give them to you. We are considered an essential service, so we will stay open. Please understand that your providers and your therapists here are very mindful of your family. We live very boring lives right now! We go to work, we go home, we go to work, we go home! We are trying to be careful!



We are heading into the holidays and some times of celebration. We all need to be cautious, and we want you to know that we are doing the very best we can to keep you and your family safe.

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