Today I want to talk to you about a new thing we’ve just launched. It’s called CCM, which stands for “collaborative care meeting.”

Get Everyone On The Same Page


We have been so busy at Cutting Edge! We now offer 4 services: occupational, physical, and speech therapy, plus ABA services. And soon we will offer LPC services as well! With this many different types of services, we wanted to develop a way to keep these services truly collaborative. We know the value of all our caregivers working together and being on the same page, and of being able to have our kids generalize skills across disciplines—these CCM meetings will help us do just that.


Meeting Frequency


Our CCMs will happen twice a year, initiated by our BCBA. The BCBA will reach out to all your providers. If we can’t get them all together for a meeting, each provider will send a representative and will fill out a form with information about your child’s therapy and how they are progressing.


Meeting Length


When we call this meeting, the ABA team and the speech team (or the teams of whichever services you have) will meet for 30 minutes. The BCBA will provide a document to the team members that I call a “One-Page Cheat Sheet,” with your kiddo’s picture and information about what behaviors your child is struggling with, what is reinforcing to them, what things should be avoided, etc. (This information is all in your treatment plan notebook as well, just in case someone has to cover for your regular therapist.)

What Will Be Discussed


The team members will discuss any barriers they are seeing in terms of care. After they meet for 30 minutes, the parents will join the meeting for the last 30 minutes. The team will be able to discuss how your child is progressing in each service, and how the teams are working together.

Who The Meetings Are For


We launched this service about two weeks ago, and our first CCM was absolutely wonderful! This is specifically for our ABA clients. If you are here for therapies but not ABA, we will not do a CCM with you. This is only for clients whose therapy includes ABA.


This is a great way for us to see how the teams work together, and it’s a way to keep our model very collaborative and integrative!

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