This week I want to give you some ideas that are low-risk, but also sensory-friendly.


Even if You Paint Your Pumpkin


One great low-risk, sensory-friendly activity is pumpkin carving! This is a great activity even if you paint your pumpkin, rather than actually carve it. You can draw on your pumpkin! You can adapt this to any level of involvement, no matter what your child’s level is.

What’s Inside The Pumpkin


What I love about actually carving the pumpkins is that when you open it up, what’s inside? All that gooey inside with the seeds! Separating the seeds is a great fine motor activity, and touching all of that gooey mess is a very sensory activity. Many of our kids who don’t like textures struggle with this. If your child really struggles with textures, maybe just watching you do it will be a growth area for them.


When we work on feeding activities with our kiddos we usually have them touch and just be in the environment with that type of food or with that food item, so that they can become more comfortable with it.


Different Types of Activities


You can incorporate this into a sensory activity, a fine motor activity, a texture tolerance activity, or a feeding activity!


Your Next Step


I highly recommend that you get some pumpkins! Decide what you can create—if you go on the internet and look at Pinterest, you will find some really cool ideas! And then, you can put your pumpkins outside for decoration.


Have fun!

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