It’s that time of the year … what time of the year is it? Halloween!


Costume Tip


We recently had Olaf the Snowman visit our center! Please check out our video of Olaf, because I want you to see his costume. Olaf has a perfect COVID Halloween costume! His face is covered, but with a see-through material so we can still see his face. He also has enough space in his costume that he can wear a mask underneath. In fact, Olaf’s costume keeps him completely contained, and even blows up with a fan inside of it! It’s the perfect COVID-safe costume!


Low-Risk Activities


Yes, we will be having somewhat of a Halloween week here at Cutting Edge. We know that due to the pandemic, Halloween will look very different this year for many people. For those of you who have high-risk situations in your home, you will need to look at low-risk activities, which may limit you to activities inside your own house. Maybe you can do some pumpkin carving, or have a special movie night.


Outdoor Activities


For those of you who are at less risk, you might want to venture into some outdoor activities that are not crowded. Some places are even hosting virtual costume parties—that’s also a safe activity that you can do from your home, as well! Trunk or Treats where the treats are actually in the trunks and you don’t have to hand them to people are another good idea. And across the Metroplex there are all kinds of activities that are happening from the safety of your car. I know there’s an event at American Airlines, and another at Six Flags. If you Google, you will find all kinds of activities you can do, if you’re not high risk!


What We’re Doing Here at Cutting Edge


But we are going to celebrate here! We are having a door decorating contest in both Mansfield and Allen! We will feature pictures of those. We will be dressing up the week of Halloween. We will have a Disney day, an animal day, a sports day, an actual Halloween costume day on Thursday, and then Friday will be pajama day! Saturday is freestyle—you can wear whatever you want!


We will still be doing our COVID precautions here of course, but we want to make it as fun as possible. We will have Trick or Treating at office doors and at staff desks. Your kiddos will be able to come home with candy so please make sure you send them with something to put it in—or they’ll bring their goodies home in a Ziploc bag. Or maybe a Cutting Edge tote!

Your Next Step


That’s what we have going on for Halloween! Please join us if you can. If you are clients here we would love to have you participate! Come out and see Olaf!

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