Today we want to talk to you a little bit about Cutting Edge Cares.


Cutting Edge Cares is Jennah’s brainchild. Jennah is our Lead Registered Occupational Therapist in Allen, and it was her idea for us to go out into the community and give back. Our special needs clients get so much from the community, and we want to make sure they know that they can give back as well.

Spencer’s Java Jam


In that vein, we are so excited to be opening up Spencer’s Java Jam! This is a little coffee shop that we are going to have right here in the clinic. It’s going to offer a variety of coffees, juices, snacks, and desserts. This is where our kids will learn how to take on vocational skills that they can then take out into the community. At the same time, any donations that we receive at Spencer’s Java Jam will go right back into helping our kids give back to the community! This will include activities like putting together kits for a homeless shelter, or toys or kits for an animal shelter. We are teaching the kids the importance of helping their community, helping the environment—helping to give back!


Cutting Edge Cares


Cutting Edge Cares is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We have a very exciting event coming up shortly, on September 17—our North Texas Giving Day! We are listed as one of the nonprofit organizations that you can donate to on North Texas Giving Day! Please think about us, because we really want to make Spencer’s a super-duper coffee bar, and for projects like this, we count on your donations.


When is Spencer’s Opening?


Spencer’s should be open in about a month. Once it is open, please come by and have a coffee or a treat! Everything will be done on Venmo, which makes it very easy for you to give your donations. We will have nice tables and a patio, and it will be a real blessing for our kids to be able to serve you.

How To Donate


So remember us on North Texas Giving Day, September 17th! We appreciate all of you and all your support!

Donate here:  Cutting Ege Cares

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