This week we wanted to give you a sneak peek at our new Behavior Center! Don’t forget to check out our videos, so that you can see the whole thing!

The Main Room


Our Behavior Center has one main room, and then 8 smaller rooms that all attach to the main room. The main room is a great space—it’s large enough for us to do many different activities. In fact, soon we will have a swing in here, as well as a play structure along the back wall. We have some beautiful murals on the wall, and one wall is entirely dry-erase, so they can do activities directly on the wall! (Don’t worry, we will not let them write on your wall at home!) This is where we can put our calendar and anything else we need to have posted.


But as useful and wonderful as our main room is, some of the smaller rooms are really interesting!

Grocery Store


For example, at the end of the hallway off of the main room, we have our grocery store! This room is also directly accessible from the Therapy Center. This way our Therapy Center clients can access the grocery store without disturbing BTA. Our grocery store is not complete yet, but we do have some of our structures up and ready to go. It is going to be so exciting to have a real grocery store in here!


Treatment Rooms


If we go back down the hallway we find various storage rooms, treatment rooms, and offices. Our technicians have offices here, and this is where our Client Care Services, with our billing area, will be. Our behavioral therapists have offices here as well.




If we keep walking down this hallway we start to get close to the waiting area. When our kiddos come into the center, they will find a whole hallway of cubbies where they can put their backpacks, jackets, and supplies. Then they will be able to put their lunches away in our cafeteria, which is just on the other side of the wall with the cubbies! We are very excited about this, too. We will have six microwaves and a refrigerator. We will probably be keeping a lot of our snacks in this area as well.


Spencer’s Java Jam


At the end of the hall is our wonderful reception area where Heather, our front desk person, will be working. This is a beautiful area with our floating puzzle pieces (which also offer some soundproofing) hanging from the ceiling. We will also have two large cabinets where we will feature our clients’ artwork! We have our waiting room here, as well as our coffee bar, Spencer’s Java Jam. We will have coffee bar seating both outdoors and indoors. We will be serving juice, all different types of coffees, and snacks, all by donation! All donations go to Cutting Edge Cares, which is our 501(c)3 organization.


Safety and Security


One feature of this center is that it is completely covered with cameras. When you are here, take a look around—you will see the cameras on the walls. In the waiting room, we have a screen on which you can see shots of every room in the center. Ultimately, the safety of our clients is our #1 priority! We want you to know that. We are also able to use these cameras to record, and so we have a great deal of accountability in this center.

Waiting Area and Coffee


You are welcome to come by here and get a coffee to go! We have wifi here so if you want to work and hang out, you are welcome to do that. Our clients will be waiting on you directly, and this gives them the opportunity to engage the public. This will be a fun place for you to check out!


Stay Tuned!


These are just some of the highlights of our new Behavior Center! We hope to have an open house where we can have people come in during scheduled time slots and see the space. Stay tuned, and we will let you know when this happens!

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