Let’s talk about Summer Vacation, in our “new normal!”


We’ve been finding that many of our families are here more this summer. They’re taking less vacation time. When they do take vacation time, they’re taking it differently.


Head To The Lake or Cabin


Many families are heading to the countryside. I have never seen cabins on lakes busier than they are this summer! Just try going to Airbnb or VRBO—there’s a waiting list for cabins that aren’t even that nice! This is because when you stay in a cabin you still have control. You can go out to dine or pick up food curbside, but you can also protect your family and have your own little vacation. There are many lakes in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas that families from this area are running to. Definitely check those out, for a fun option this summer!



Another thing a lot of our families are doing is planning staycations. They stay at home but plan for a lot of fun and safe activities. This is an especially good choice for families in which people have health conditions. Some of them are ordering take-out and staying in the pool all weekend. Or, some of them are having at-home movie binges. Some of the families are staying in local hotels so that they’re still close to home and in control of more of the variables.


Many of the holiday events that were canceled were live-streamed. Hopefully, you were able to watch some, but if not they might even still be online! It’s great to be able to take advantage of these things, while still staying safe and not having to be out in public with everyone.


Air Travel


You can still travel by air, but keep in mind that airplane flights can be full now. They do have a mask requirement, but they are no longer limiting the number of people who can be on a flight. They are cleaning the planes well, and I myself have flown recently. Make sure you get a very comfortable mask so that you can wear it throughout the whole flight! However, there is not a lot of accommodations. There are no services during the flight. I got a bag with water and a snack when I got on the plane. Flight attendants went up and down the aisles to collect the trash, and that was it. Also, middle seats will now be filling up on many of the airlines, so you will not have control over that space. Because the rates went down so low, many people booked airline tickets!

Check Out Your Destination First


Wherever you plan to go for some summer fun, check with your destination first. Many counties have mask requirements right now. Some states will require you to be in quarantine for two weeks once you arrive. Europe is not accepting American visitors right now. Stay aware of what’s going on with travel, and keep it simple! We want you and your kiddos to be safe! And remember, our kiddos don’t do well with things that are different. To make it a real relaxing vacation, although you might love to sit in a lounge chair in Mexico, it might just be a lot easier to go up to Broken Bow and sit in a cabin by a creek.


If you take one, enjoy your vacation! We’ll check back with you later!

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