I know there are a lot of new mandates going out right now, so I wanted to talk to you specifically about masks—why masks are important, and what the new rules are.


At our Mansfield office, it was the case that all staff members were wearing masks in treatment. However, now we’ve moved to all staff wearing masks all the time.


We Have Masks Available


We have masks available so that all our families and therapists will always have masks to wear. We have PPE stations set up where you can get a mask if you need one. This is a critical time, and we want to make sure everyone has the protection they need.


The Mandates Change


The rules and mandates are changing quickly! This is a constantly evolving situation. In Allen, we have also gone ahead and moved to have all staff wear masks at all times. Our front office staff has masks but have to take theirs off frequently to talk on the phone. The rest of the staff will wear masks in treatment whether your child has a mask or not.


Training Materials


We have made training materials to help teach the kiddos about wearing masks. One thing we use is social stories about wearing masks. We will share our social stories about masks on our social media so that you can see what we’re doing and use this technique at your own home. But we know that wearing masks is critical to stopping the escalating Covid-19 crisis, so we want to make sure we are doing all we can to help our kiddos understand and feel comfortable with wearing masks. We will work with your kiddos on this if we need to train them. Many of our kiddos do wear masks, and we work on keeping noses covered and things like that. We incorporate all of this into our regular treatments.


We’re Teaching How To Wear Masks Correctly


We’re helping the kiddos learn about masks and wear them correctly. We’re providing PPE and taking temperatures daily. On top of that, we’ve received a machine that lets us spray a disinfectant through the clinic that kills Covid-19, and we also have both locations bombed once a week. We’re implementing the same protocols at both locations, and doing all we can to keep your families healthy and get these numbers down!


If you have any questions about our Covid-19 protocols, please give us a call!

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