Haven’t we had some great weather lately? I love to be outside in the sun!


We have to remember, though, that we still have a lot of COVID around. We need to be mindful of this as our world starts to open up more.

What Our Therapists Recommend


Still, it’s great to get outside! And all of our therapists will tell you that one of the keys to staying healthy during this time is to keep moving. Our kids have been inside so much, and getting so much screen time—we know that that’s our only option right now, but we also know the effects of prolonged screen time.


Why Our Kiddos Need To Move


To counteract these effects we encourage you to schedule in as much movement time as you have screen time. The body needs to move! We know that self-regulation and the ability to feel our best, and at our best mental health, happens when we’re moving.


Activity Ideas


We are going to start a series on movement activities you can do in your home. We will feature this on our website, and we’ll have different blogs about what you can be doing during this “new normal.”


As we go into summer we know you guys are going to be switching from being the “teacher at home” parent to the “activity parent.” We are going to give you lots of ideas for ways that you can bring activities into your home, and how you can take activities outdoors in a safe way. For instance, I know some of you don’t feel safe going to a park, but we can show you how you can create a park in your backyard!


We will even give you ideas about things you can purchase, such as hippity-hop balls to bounce down the hallway!


Our Old Blog Posts


Also, do go back and look at our past blogs and social media. We already have a ton of information out there on how you can incorporate activities into your life. We have tips of the month. We have activities of the month. We have a wealth of resources for you to use!


Virtual Social Skills Groups


Besides our movement tips, in the latter part of May, we plan to launch a virtual social skills group for or older (middle school or high school) kiddos. This way the kiddos can get some practice learning how to communicate on a screen because it’s a whole different skill than communicating face to face.


Summer Camps


We are still looking at launching our camps, which is exciting because we want to be able to provide those specific activities our camps address. We are going to have Our camps are set up to be in very, very small groups, and we will take every precaution to keep everyone safe and healthy.


So stay tuned! We will be making announcements about camps and our social group and all kinds of wonderful activities. We will post information in our waiting room and online.

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