I am so excited to announce that we are going to start doing virtual screenings!

What Are Virtual Screenings?


Virtual screenings are a way for us to do developmental screenings and a way for us to see what’s going on with certain activities in your home to determine whether we need to bring your kiddo in for an evaluation.


In a world where we are social distancing, and doing things in a “new normal,” this is a great way to help kids get the screenings they need, right there in your own home.


Who You Will See Virtually


We have occupational, speech, and physical therapists that are ready to go into your home via the screen and give you some activities to do. That way they can observe exactly what is going on.


How Long The Process Takes


If we finish the screening and feel that your kiddo doesn’t need therapy, we are going to give you ideas for things to do to help them get back up to where they need to be on those developmental milestones. But if we feel that they do need therapy we will go ahead and make those referrals for assessment. The whole process takes about 30 minutes. The therapist will observe and then will give the parent a quick debriefing at the end.


What We Need First


We do have you complete some intake paperwork first so that we know what your areas of concern are. We also have an amazing tool on our website called the Developmental Checklist. If you have not completed that we will ask you to do so. This helps us to identify the particular things you are seeing. Many of our families who have done screening had already completed that process and we were able to use that information.


No Cost To You


These assessments are completely free! This way if you have some concerns about your child, you can have us do an assessment for free, from your own home, and know whether you need to go forward with therapy or not.


Your Next Step


I think these virtual screenings are a great thing! If you are interested in getting one you are welcome to call our front office to learn more about them, or to go ahead and schedule one!

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