We are seeing patients in the center, and we have been this whole time. Now more and more of you are coming back, and we’re very excited!


Staggering Therapy Sessions


I want to let those families who are returning know that we have to follow the guidelines for our county and state regarding COVID protection. All of our therapists have the equipment they need. The kiddos have the equipment they need. We are staggering our times. We are doing a lot more work in private rooms. We are limiting the number of kiddos that can be in the gym space with their clinicians.



We are doing around the clock cleaning. Many of our clients are having fun spraying things down! We are cleaning everywhere, every hour on the hour. We also bomb the center once a week with a special concentrate that kills COVID. That makes it smell a little mildewy in here, so we get in early and open up the windows.


Checking Temperatures


When you come into the center we have a thermometer we will use for taking your child’s temperature. We want you to stick around until we have done that because if your child has a temperature of above 99.1 they have to go home until it goes back down.


Masks and Sanitizer


Also right up front, we have masks for the kids and therapists and gloves. We have hand sanitizer as well as sinks for washing, and we have hand sanitizer in the waiting room as well.


Everything has been going really well! We have not had a client or a therapist become sick in this whole time up here in DFW. We are really excited about that!


Telehealth Option is Still Available


I know the idea of re-entry is scary, so we want you to know that we’re here to support you through this process and that we’re doing everything we need to do to make that happen for you and your families. We are still continuing Telehealth, but we look forward to seeing more and more of you back in the center!

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