I know many of you are wondering how we’re handling things here at Cutting Edge, with the new restrictions we have because of COVID-19.

Our Kids May Not Fully Understand What’s Going On


Many of our kiddos don’t understand what’s going on right now. I’ve had several parents ask me for social stories about COVID and social distancing, and I’m happy to report that there are some good stories out there for you to use. There are several fun videos for kids, such as the ones that show how to wash hands while singing a fun song.


It Depends On Your Child


Social distancing is a really difficult concept for many of our kids. Most of our kids either don’t want to get near anyone anyway (which is good for right now), or they want to run up and hug everyone. These kids don’t understand why they can’t be in contact. That’s an abstract concept, and it’s hard to get across.


Pre-Teaching Activities


We’re doing some pre-teaching activities, such as having the kids hold their arms out straight and telling them they can’t let anyone get close enough to touch their fingertips. This gives them a visual guideline that they understand. Our kids do not understand “6 feet away,” so we have to find some way to give them some sort of visual. Maybe you could do a school project where you measure out 6 feet and have people stand at both ends so that they get an idea of what that looks like. Then you might play a game of “Who’s not 6 feet?” Make this fun! Make it a game!


Make It Fun


I know this is a stressful time, so we’re trying to shift things to being fun. Laughing is great therapy for everyone! If you have to pull up an old video just so you can laugh and take a break, do it! If you need to do some yoga to chill out, do it. Whatever you can do to keep yourself balanced is really important right now, because no matter what level your kid is at, they sense your stress level. They can feel it. Then their anxiety rises, which makes it hard for the whole household.

Remain Calm


So find a way that helps you stay calm and do the things you need to do so that you can stay grounded in the middle of all this ambiguity that’s going on in our lives. Suddenly you’re a work at home parent, and a teacher, and a caregiver, and a therapist—everything! So be good to yourself and do what you need to do because your kids count on that. Your kiddos will never be any better than you are. If you’re not well, that’s going to put them in a funk also!

Remain In Community Online


The most healthy thing you can do is to realize that maybe you need someone to talk to. Even though I’m struggling to get Telehealth to cover therapy here at Cutting Edge, Telehealth definitely covers mental health care! If you need someone to talk to—sometimes you just need to yell at someone for awhile! That’s what those services are there for. Many employers have EAP programs that cover those things for free for you. That’s why they’re there! We want you to be healthy and grounded!


We really don’t know when this is going to end. The ambiguity is stressful. Be good to yourself, and that way you can be good for your family!

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