Sometimes a family finds that they need more services, but they can’t access these services because they do not have an updated autism diagnosis.

Autism is a lifelong diagnosis, but what many families don’t realize is that funding sources for services often require an updated diagnosis every 24-36 months.

While no one is questioning whether your child’s autism has gone away, having to substantiate that that diagnosis is still present can be a really big hurdle to overcome to get access to those services.

Higher Need for Care

For example, You may have a higher need for care than you did previously. You might be in one therapy discipline but now you need additional disciplines. Or, you might be in one therapy discipline but you need more hours in it. But the diagnosis you have limits your ability to get access to this additional help.

We are finding that many families are not aware that updating your diagnosis is a requirement. It’s been a requirement within funding sources for about the last 3-5 years, and it’s been more heavily scrutinized within this last year — meaning if that documentation on an updated diagnosis is not available, the door is closed for more services.


On top of that, there are long waitlists for accessing some of those services, as well as for accessing those updated reports or getting updated evaluations from the appropriate providers. We would like to help provide these resources to you, so please let us know if this is something you would like to get more information on!

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