I hope I get to see everyone this year at the events that are going on in the community!


Lots of people, even my therapists, ask me why we attend so many community events. Well, there are many reasons we attend them. In the first place, we want to participate in and support all the special needs activities and functions that occur in the community. We want them to know that Cutting Edge is here to support them!

Reach Out To More Families


We also want to be able to reach out to many of the families that attend these events but who don’t realize that these services are available to them. It might even be that they don’t need our services at the moment, but they need to talk to somebody. We can provide that contact at these events.


So we attend events to enhance our community, and to provide support to our community and our partners who partner with us to serve our families.


Major Events


You might see us at a fun run for the Allen area. Or, you might see us at the Autism Speaks walks, because we are a big supporter of Autism Speaks. You might see us at the Down Syndrome walks and events—we are big sponsors of those. You might see us at a special needs Easter Egg hunt in our community. You might see us at an educational event for our students. All in all, we probably participate in 3 events per month. And that’s just in Allen! When you look at all the offices, it’s more like 6 a month!


We are busy and active and out in the community because we want to be able to support you and support our community providers!

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