You’ve probably seen something on our website called “Bend an Ear.”

What is a Bend an Ear?

I have several families who call us who don’t know whether they should get an evaluation, or be here for treatment. They have all kinds of questions about what goes on here, what we do in speech therapy, or OT or PT or ABA.

Determines What Your Child Needs

I’ve been in your shoes and I know that you’re going through a process of elimination to figure out which services are going to be able to help your child. We do the Bend an Ear so that we can answer these types of questions. Sometimes the Bend an Ear is with me, sometimes it’s not. Unfortunately, I’m on the road a lot and sometimes a crisis comes about, so our front office or our care coordinators are often the ones who answer these questions.

Our Administrators

Did you know that many of our administrators are trained clinicians? Sometimes these are people who used to be clinicians but are now working as administrators at Cutting Edge. This is a great advantage for us because they can bring a clinician’s knowledge into the conversation when you talk to them about your kiddo! They are able to answer many of your questions and understand what you’re saying. Sometimes they can directly address a lot of your questions more quickly than I can. If you have a more complex question they will email me or come talk to me and either ask me the information or recommend that you come in and see me. Generally, our care team is able to answer 75%-80% of the questions that come into us.

Our Front Desk

Also, the people we have at our front desk and on our phones answer these questions daily. They’ve received extensive training from me. Often when I walk up to the front desk and hear them answering questions, they’re speaking music to my ears, saying exactly the right things! When I compliment them they say, “Well, that’s because you sat here and taught me how to do this!”

Schedule a Tour

I also think it’s helpful for you to schedule a tour. Seeing is believing, and coming in and getting a feel for whether a place may be a match for your kiddo is important.

So if you have any questions for us, any questions at all, take advantage of our Bend an Ear! We’ll get your questions addressed quickly by knowledgeable people.

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