I always get asked about what concerns we need to review with our new families.

I’m a parent, and as a parent, I’ve done lots of intake paperwork. Many times I’ve signed off on things that I have no memory of signing off of because my brain is just so full of information!

We understand just how much there is that you are expected to know and remember, and we know how full your brain is! So I wanted to give you a refresher about some things to remember about Cutting Edge:

1. Hours of Operation.

Cutting Edge is open almost all the time. We close on Sundays, but we are open Monday-Friday from 9 am to 7 pm. Our Saturday hours vary depending on the office you’re at— 8 am to 1 pm in Mansfield and Allen, and 9 am to 2 pm in Katy because our Katy families like to sleep in.

2. What to do if you’re sick.

I also want to remind you that this is the flu season. What a year we’ve had with the flu! If you’re up in the middle of the night with a sick kiddo who is running a fever or throwing up or some other awful thing, remember that you can call our offices and leave a voicemail. You can call at any time, including in the middle of the night. You won’t be bothering anyone! Our phone systems are internet-based, which means that message will go directly to the administrators who will then send it directly to your clinicians, so that your clinicians don’t get on the road to show up here, only to find that you’re not here.

You can also send an email. All of the offices have an “info” type of email. We will receive that “info” email and then you’re in the clear. Some people also text. Just get word to us in whatever way you can, whether it’s the middle of the night, midnight, 2 am, 6 am. Whenever it is, leave us that message so that we can reach out to your clinicians to tell them, “Hey, your 8 o’clock is sick!” That way they don’t have to rush in here, and they aren’t planning for something that they’re not going to end up doing.

We want to be mindful of our clinicians who do an amazing job with our kids! Many of the policies we have in place are not for Cutting Edge itself, but for the amazing clinicians. Some of our clinicians travel a good distance because they really want to work in this setting, and they really want to work with your kids. This is why it’s so important to give them as much notice of absences as possible.

Of course, we understand that if you get hit by a bus on the way to Cutting Edge we’re not going to charge you for that visit. That’s not a preventable thing. But if you have time to pick up the phone and let us know, please do. Even if you pick your kiddo up from school and they have a fever, call us right then and there so that we can address that situation.

3. School closings/inclement weather.

Another thing I want to remind you about is school closings. Cutting Edge does not typically follow school closings. There are times that we’ll be closed at the same time, but there are times that we won’t be. We make our determination based on different criteria than the schools. Just like your doctor’s office doesn’t close when the school closes, it’s the same thing here. Please don’t make the assumption that we will be closed because your school is. Always call us, or check our social media. We are very quick to post about what’s going on with inclement weather. We are heading into storm season, but Texas is a strange place. You might be having a thunderstorm where you live, but it might be sunny and completely dry here. So please always call or check our social media to see what’s going on!

Be safe on the roads, and stay away from that flu bug! If you have any questions about our policies, ask the front office. They are more than happy to help you with any questions.

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