Fall Reminders For Parents of Special Needs Kids

Fall Reminders For Parents of Special Needs Kids


Routine, routine, routine!


Our kids are all about routine. When our routine gets thrown off that definitely has an effect on our kids. As we transition from summer to fall to winter, routines start to change. We recently just had a big change—we set the clocks back! Now it’s getting lighter in the morning and super dark much earlier, starting at 5 or 6. That can throw us parents off, and it can certainly throw off our kids!


Time Change


It’s really helpful to talk about these things with your children. When they’re confused because it’s 5 pm and dark, talk through the change with them. That will help them to understand that the routines are staying the same, it’s just that the sky is darker now.




The holidays are coming up quickly! Thanksgiving is nearly here, and Christmas is right behind it. School will be in and out. You might be traveling for the holidays. These are major routine disruptors! Again, talk about it with your kids. Explain to them what’s happening, and why. Prepare them for what’s coming up. If you’re going to travel, start talking about the trip well beforehand. Talk about where and how you’ll travel. If you have family coming into town, prepare your kids for that as well.


We have several articles on our blog about preparing your kids for specific holidays, like Thanksgiving. Please look through our blog archives and read them! Thanksgiving week is a whole different week altogether, and it presents many challenges to your routine.


Therapy Intensives


This is where our therapy intensives come in. We do these around every holiday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Our therapy intensives help you to still stay on track with your child’s therapy because it is so important to maintain consistency with your therapy!


Your Next Step


Talk to your therapist and ask them about therapy intensives. These will be crucial as we go full-blast into the holiday season!


We hope you enjoy this season yourself! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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