summer camps for special needs kids

Alternatives to Summer Camp For Special Needs Kids


We just finished our fine motor skills camp! We had a great time! The therapy animals came (a horse and a dog) and we got to paint them and write our names and do all kinds of fun things. 


Reasons Why You May Not Be Able To Send Your Kiddo To Summer Camp


Many of our families aren’t able to attend a camp, for many different reasons: maybe financial reasons, or maybe their schedules just don’t permit it. For these families, I want to give you some ideas for other options besides camp. I want to stress, when your kids are in school they’re in a very structured environment. Make sure you maintain a good deal of structure when your kids are home for the summer as well. If you can’t make it to a camp, you can bring the camp to your home! We have done some amazing videos and blogs on activities and things you can do at home to provide that structure. Also, every month we create a Tip of the Month. All those activities are put together by the clinicians here throughout all of our offices, and they are full of great information! Miss Jenna did a whole video on crafting and fine motor skills, and value of activities like cutting and gluing.


What You Can Do Instead


I recommend taking kind of a school model or a camp model and modifying it for your home. You might set up a schedule where after breakfast you go out and do yoga or some sort of exercise, and then you come in and practice your letters and do a craft—whatever is best for your family. You are only limited by your own creativity! There’s so much information out there, and so many activities you can do! 


Home Play and Exercises


I also recommend playing and doing some fun things with your kids! This is so therapeutic. Parents are always asking us for exercises to use in a home program. The most important thing you can do at home for the little kids is to play with them! That is therapeutic. That is building rapport. That is helping them to reach their milestones—especially if they have social goals! Get out there and go to the park! Have fun! 


Indoor Activities


There are so many things you can do that are sensory-friendly. There are movies you can go to. There are activities like museums that are open and free on certain days of the week. 

Develop a schedule. Develop a theme, if you like, and just have a great time with your kids!

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