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How To Schedule a Tour of Our Office


One question people often ask us is, do we do tours at Cutting Edge Pediatric and Adult Therapy? 


Our Website


We do! We do tours every week in every location. These tours can be scheduled through our website. In fact, if you visit our website you’ll see a pop-up window that will ask you if you’d like to schedule a tour. 



How Long Are The Tours?



Tours last about 30 minutes. We encourage parents to schedule tours at times when we’re not very busy—meaning we encourage you to schedule your tour during school hours, if possible. Our after-school times can get pretty crazy! The morning hours are best for tours.



What We Go Over During Your Tour



We’ll have one of the administrative staff take you around on the tour. We have a member of the administrative staff who is also an OT, so she can take you around on the tour as well as answer some of your questions that might be more technical. We feel that it’s really better for a clinician to answer those types of clinical questions, rather than admin staff. However, our admin staff can answer all your questions about benefits and can run benefits checks. If you send a copy of your insurance card to us before the tour, then during the tour we can go over your benefits and answer all your questions right then and there. 

Our tour will take you through the entire facility. We show you the whole facility because we think it’s important for parents to get a feel for a place. When you talk to us on the phone, or when you look at pictures, that doesn’t necessarily give you the feel of a place, or of the people, staff, or environment. 


What We Cannot Show You



That said, we do have to be selective about what we show you. We cannot show you treatment, because we must respect the privacy of our clients. But we will walk through so that you can get a good idea of what the facility is like and what the engagement process is. 

If you’re looking for therapy options for your child, we strongly encourage you to come to take a tour! If your child is going to invest multiple hours in treatment, it’s important that they are comfortable with the facility. 

Your Next Step


So, go to the “locations” tab on our website and schedule a tour! You can also call us to schedule a tour. We’d love to meet you!

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