Therapy Intensives For Holidays

If you’ve been to our locations lately, you’ve probably seen or heard that we offer therapy intensives. 

What are therapy intensives? Why do we do them?

A therapy intensive is an intensive number of days and hours of treatment in a short time. Typically our intensives are three or five days long. But they can be other lengths—we do some that are two weeks! It all depends on the client and their needs. 

Why They Are Needed

Why do we do these? For example, we may have several families who will be gone over the holidays, who might be here for only a couple of weeks over the holiday break. But they don’t want to miss out on that therapy time! We offer them intensives so that they can get a lot of therapy at one time to hold them over for the weeks they will have to miss their therapy sessions. 

Intensives For Our Out-of-Town Friends

We also have families who don’t have services in their area. Our intensives allow these families to come in from their area and stay in a hotel while their child gets therapy. We coordinate all these services for these clients and follow up with them. (The internet makes this so easy now!) These families will usually come into town several times a year for their intensive therapy sessions. 

If You Have Extra Visits Available

Some of our families are in a situation in which they have extra visits available that they won’t use up by the end of the year on their normal schedule. They can take advantage of intensives to have some focused time to achieve a skill set that perhaps illness or life events have kept them from being able to focus on. An intensive allows us to really focus deeply on a particular skill. It also allows us to coordinate services with multiple disciplines. Your child could be having OT, PT and speech therapy in an intensive, and have a longer period of time for each. (Depending on your insurance this can be a little dicey to arrange with speech therapy, but we can definitely work out longer sessions for OT and PT.)

If Your Child Is Struggling in an Area of Therapy

Intensives allow you to have the flexibility to work on a skill that your child might be struggling to accomplish in the regular one-hour sessions. They also allow you to make up for illnesses, lost time, and holiday time out. Or you might live further out in Texas—we even have people come in from different states—and be able to take advantage of and benefit from our intensive model. 

Your Next Step

If you’re interested in doing an intensive, please reach out to our front desk staff. All of our therapists are trained to do these intensives, and know how to coordinate them and package a really nice treatment model for you for the time you have available. 

Don’t wait! We are booking these now and we tend to book up quickly because parents want to be able to provide that time and structure while their kids are off for the holidays!

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