pool therapy

Don’t you wish you could go swimming in the winter time?

Well, here at Cutting Edge in Allen, you can! 

We have a therapy pool that our kids absolutely love, and it’s indoors so it’s something our kids can take advantage of year-round! 

You probably know that swimming is great exercise. We add a therapy component to swimming that makes it really beneficial for our kids for several reasons:

Decreases Joint Pressure

One of the greatest benefits of aquatic therapy is that it decreases pressure or stress on the joints. You know that if you go running or jogging it can be really hard on your knees and other joints. The water takes that away. Plus, our muscles relax in warm water.

Increases Body Awareness

Another benefit is that when our kids are in the water they have increased body awareness because of the hydrostatic pressure. This also helps with sensory modulation. 

Increases Therapy Participation

We have also found that there’s an increase in participation with therapy, simply because we’re in a pool! Being in the pool creates a fun atmosphere. It doesn’t feel like work, it feels like fun. Everyone wants to go swimming! And because the pool is a new and different environment it relieves some of the monotony that happens when they’re in the same gym all the time. It’s something new and they look forward to it. 

If you think your kiddo may benefit from aquatic therapy, we’d love to tell you more about it. You can give us a call or if you’re a client of ours already, just ask the front desk about our pool therapy options.

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