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Why We Are Open For Most Holidays


Why don’t we close for most holidays?

When holidays come up like Labor Day, Veterans’ Day, Fourth of July, people ask us why we’re open. “It seems like you’re always working! You never close!” they say.

Well, that’s true!


Helps Your Child Make Progress


But the reason we rarely close for holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas are the exceptions) is your kiddos. Sometimes a break in their therapy can really slow down, or even halt, their progress. It’s very important to keep them in a routine with their therapy as much as possible. If you have a child who is on the verge of a big breakthrough, missing therapy for the holidays could cause them to lose that momentum. 


If You Are Leaving Town


Of course, if you are leaving town for the holidays, visiting friends and relatives, we understand that! But if you are in town, even though we’re closed Thanksgiving Day we urge you to keep your appointments the day before and the day after Thanksgiving. It’s important to keep consistency for your child as much as possible. 

If you are leaving town for the holidays we ask that you notify your therapist in advance. If you don’t, your therapist will be here expecting to see your child, and coming up with therapy specifically for your child. So it’s important that we know if they’re going to be out for an extended amount of time.


Therapy Intensives


That brings us to therapy intensives. This time of year we book a lot of intensives because we know that there are going to be some breaks in the action. Now is a great time to schedule your intensives, before we fill up! 

If you have any questions about therapy intensives, or about therapy around the holiday season, give us a call and we’ll go over it with you, with answers and recommendations specifically for your child. 

Also, visit the blog section on our website and do a search for “Thanksgiving,” “holiday,” and “Christmas,” and you’ll find lots and lots of tips about holiday eating, traveling, preparing for the holidays, and all that good stuff. 

But the reason we stay open most of the year is to make sure your child continues to progress the way you want them to, and the way they want to as well. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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