best games for speech therapy

The Best Games For Speech Therapy

We’re back in the supply closet today! Last time I told you all about the toys we use for occupational therapy. Today we’re going to talk about toys and games for speech therapy!

For speech therapy, we emphasize games that teach turn taking and putting together words. We use games that focus on how to say certain things. 


Our Favorites


One of my favorite games for speech therapy is called Pancake Pileup. We actually use it for both occupational and speech therapy. This is a really fun game where they have to sequence and build pancakes. They love it! 

Another popular one is called Yeti In My Spaghetti. You’ll have to ask your therapist about that one, but it really does involve plastic spaghetti! 


Physical Games


We don’t only use physical games. Sometimes an activity is the game. We have a great activity in which we use rocket balloons. Kids love rocket balloons! 

What Your Therapist Recommends Specifically For Your Kiddo



Please talk to your therapist about the value of these activities. When you go to buy things, or when your friends or relatives go to buy things for birthdays and holidays, keep these toys in mind. Put them on your holiday wish list. Make your toys both fun and things the kiddos can use to learn!

We’d love to help you come up with great game and toy ideas to help your kiddos learn at home. Just ask your therapist for suggestions.

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