fall back

Preparing For Fall

Fall is here! The cooler temperatures have finally arrived (kinda)! And we have three quick fall tips for families with special needs children. 


1. Prepare for the time change.


Remember that in fall we “Fall Back” soon”.  The days are a little shorter as it gets dark earlier. Sometimes this means a little bit of a change in routine for families. You may want to talk about these changes with your child or teen, or even your young adult, beforehand. Talk about what these changes are going to mean for your family. Remember, too, that sometimes at this time of year kids get tired earlier just because it’s darker earlier. 



2. Get the winter clothes ready.


As you know, our kiddos can be very particular about their clothes. As you’re putting away some of their summer stuff and bringing out more fall/winter stuff always make sure that these items are something your kiddo is comfortable with. Sometimes textures on sweaters are difficult and you have to use an undershirt, sometimes jackets with zippers can be too much of a distraction, etc. But the most important thing is to go over these clothes with your kiddo and find out what they feel comfortable wearing. Mornings will be easier and going out will be easier if you’re not fighting over clothes, and if your child is comfortable! 

3. Stay consistent with your therapy.


Whether it’s occupational, speech or physical therapy, stay consistent. This time of year our busyness shoots up—there’s school, fall festivals, holidays coming up, Christmas will be here before you know it, and we’re running around like crazy! It can be very easy to start missing appointments here and there. We want to encourage you to keep to your therapy schedule as much as possible. Keeping your therapy consistent will not only help your kiddo make better progress, but it will help things run more smoothly at home too. 

We do understand, of course, that things come up! Sometimes you have to miss therapy. But we want you to be as consistent as possible. 

We hope you enjoy the cooler weather! If you have any questions about anything we’ve mentioned, our therapists would love to go over your kiddo’s specific situation with you.

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