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The Importance of Consistency During The Summer

We’ve gone through another change of schedule. This means some of our kids are home more, and not in school. I want to remind you guys that this is an important time to work on your schedules and to find ways to provide structure for your kids.


How We Can Help Structure For Your Kiddo


We’re offering a whole variety of camps here at Cutting Edge over the summer. We’re also offering life skills groups. We do these during the summer because we know that many of our clients have increased availability, and we also know that there’s not as much structure at home during that time. I know it can be a real challenge as a parent to structure the day for your kids and keep that structure going. Keeping this structure going is critical for them, and if you can manage it you’ll have a happier child. But I know it can be a challenge because you have to slot time for activities and work around vacations. 


Help With Behavior Problems


I know I like to sit around and watch Netflix all day. But while we might really like sitting around and binge-watching movies, our kids really benefit from moving around and having some structure in their day. Remember that with the transition from school they’re going from a highly-structured environment to one that’s not structured and that can bring on behavior problems.


The Texas Heat


When you’re thinking about activities, it can be really helpful to think of both indoor and outdoor activities to do. With the Texas heat, we don’t want to do outside activities all the time! 


Why Summer is a Great Time For Intensives


Summer is a great time to book therapy intensives for your kids! As parents, we struggle a lot to get therapies in during the school year because we’re just so busy. Summer is an amazing time to get lots of therapy in! Plus, if you get lots of therapy in before it’s time to go back to school, it will make the transition back to school so much easier! Extra therapy before a vacation also helps the vacation to go more smoothly! 

We have a lot of families who travel during the summer. They may travel for three weeks, but they also come for extra appointments before and after their summer travel. That way they don’t miss out on any summer therapy!


The Best Plan for Your Kiddo


So remember, getting structure during the summer is very important. If you’re concerned about how you can manage this, talk to your clinician. They’ll be able to tell you some great activities to do, and some great strategies for getting through the day so that it’s a fun summer and not a torturous summer for the parents. Also, if there are certain activities that you really benefit your kids, talk to your therapist about them. Ask them what kinds of things can you do throughout the day to make transitions, or the day in general, more peaceful and happy for your child. 

I hope these ideas are helpful to you. If you need help with anything, please just reach out and ask! We’d love to help you with ideas for having a peaceful and happy summer.

Kate Lundgren

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