how to reduce vacation stress

2 Things Parents Can Do To Reduce Vacation Stress

Summer can be a stressful time, especially if you’re taking a special needs child on vacation. 

One way that we’ve found really helps is to talk over what you’re going to do with your child. We can play with them and pretend to go to the airport or to the hotel, and we can help them work through things that bother them about going on vacation. It’s also helpful to show them pictures online of the hotel that you will be staying at as well as the airport. If you’re staying with a relative, show them pictures of them and their home.  These will all help in reducing stress and anxiety before and during your traveling experience.

Putting Together a Specific Plan For Your Child

Let us know if you have a vacation coming up and we can talk over your plans with your child! We want vacations to be a happy time for all of you!

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