Therapy Intensives For Summer


Wow, can you believe summer is here? Time is flying by!


Why We Offer Therapy Intensives


As you know, summertime at Cutting Edge is super busy! We’ve got camps, social skills classes, and all kinds of things going on! But we also want to remind you to schedule therapy intensives for your kiddos. We know summer break can be difficult, trying to schedule activities and keep your kiddo engaged. Therapy intensives allow your kids to have some structure in their days and some good sensory input, to make summer more of a peaceful time instead of a stressful time. 


Therapy Intensives Help Keep Structure


For kids, summer is amazing! But for parents, we have to figure out how to keep some structure in our kids’ lives. One reason we’re only closed a few days a year is so that your kids can keep the structure they’re used to and keep getting good sensory input year-round. Even when our kids are on breaks from school, they still need structure and sensory input! So rather than you trying to do all that at home, we try to give you as many therapy options during summer break as possible.


How To Sign Up For Intensives


Right now we are booking intensives for the summer. We do have several families who have already signed up, so give us a call quickly, today, to register for your spot! 

We hope you all have an amazing summer!

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