independent education evaluations

Independent Educational Evaluations

We are excited to offer two new programs: IEEs, and speaking engagements about therapy and child development! 


What Are IEEs?


First, let’s talk about IEEs. IEE stands for Independent Educational Evaluation. An IEE evaluates all of the educational aspects that you would get in the school system, with the additional benefit of some sensory testing, and more in-depth testing than the schools are generally able to complete. For instance, currently, our occupational therapy IEEs range from a completed report of 20-30 pages. That’s a lot of in-depth information on your child!


How Do You Get An IEE?


How do you get one of these? You can request one from your school district if you’d like further testing that the school was not able to complete, or did not complete. Usually, you request these when your child has an ARD meeting where you’re setting up an IEP, or when your child is going through current testing. 

Once you request an IEE we can set your child up for the evaluation, complete the evaluation, and get parent feedback, teacher feedback, and feedback from any other professionals you would like us to consult that your child works with at school. This way we’ll also have the school’s input to help identify any other issues your child might be having at school. We will also have you come in and complete testing in our clinic. We do testing related to fine and gross motor skills, and we also do speech IEEs and physical therapy IEEs. In other words, your child will get a complete battery of testing from the occupational therapist, the speech therapist and the physical therapist. They will all gather information from the school as well, to compile into their reports. 


Your Detailed Report


As we gather all of this information we develop a detailed report that identifies the challenges that your child may be facing, as well as how those challenges may relate to the school system and how they may relate to your child’s performance in the classroom. The report will also address how your child’s challenges may relate to their social abilities at school, and their ability to be independent with activities like managing clothing. 

Often we will also include a classroom observation with your child’s report. We contract with the school system to be able to come in and directly observe your child in the classroom so that we can see with our own eyes what challenges your child may be having. 


After You Receive Your Report


When we complete these reports we will have you come in to go over them with us in detail. Then we will present our findings at your next ARD meeting, and present our recommendations for therapy in the school system, whether that be one on one therapy, consult therapy, or perhaps no therapy at all in the school system. We will work with you and we will work with the school to find the best solution to meet your child’s needs within the school system.

Service Areas


We currently service the entire state of Texas, but we also work directly with regions 10, 11 and  4, the Dallas area, Ft. Worth area and Houston area. These are all the regions our clinics are located in. We have also worked with schools in the Austin area. We are really working on building this part of our services, and we look forward to helping you with an IEE if this is something your child might benefit from. 


Speaking Engagements


We can also come and talk to you about IEEs, child learning and development, transition services, therapy, and behavioral problems related to sensory issues at your school, preschool, doctor’s office or conference. We are pleased to offer these speaking engagements throughout the DFW and Houston areas. If you have a group that needs education about our services, or about sensory issues and learning, give us a call! We’d love to come speak to your group. 

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