new year's eve with special needs children


We can’t believe this year is coming to an end, and we’re starting a new year! I hope everybody had a happy holiday, and we have lots of hopes and dreams for great things to happen in the future for everyone. Here at Cutting Edge, we’ll be having lots of changes over this next year! And as we move into the new year, there are three things we want to talk to you about:


1. New Year’s Eve.


New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays where you stay up very late. For many of our kids, they want to do that too, and it’s a nightmare. So we have a couple of options for you.

A. On Netflix, you can make “New Year’s” happen at 9 pm, or whenever you want to, with their New Year’s Eve Countdown For Kids. Most of our younger kids will not realize that it’s not actually midnight. This is a good option because we want to keep our kids on their schedules, and sometimes staying up until midnight or 1 am will mess them up for several days in a row.

For some of our older kids, they can actually read the clock and they’ll know the difference. But if you follow the ball drop in New York, that actually happens at 11 pm our time, because we’re on central time and they’re in eastern time! So you can at least do that at 11 pm rather than midnight.

We hope you can use one of these options to help give your kids a fun New Year’s Eve, while still sticking to their schedules.


2. New insurance/new deductibles.


We also want to mention that moving into the new year, we’re starting out with new deductibles for your insurance. If your insurance is changing, if you know it’s going to change, please bring that information to our office as soon as you have it. We have to re-verify everyone’s benefits in January! All the doctors’ offices everywhere are doing this. It is a nightmare, and it takes time. So the quicker you can get that information to us, the quicker we can get the verification done. If things are changing we’ll generally go off what information we have, and then adjust things when we know what changes have been made to your current benefits have changed

In this area, a lot of the kids are not going back to school until the 8th or 9th of January. You’ll be starting the year with a new deductible, but if your child is not going back to school until later you can take advantage of the time to do some intensives and nip that deductible in the bud. This is nice because then you won’t be spending that deductible over several months.


3. Back to school!


Also, don’t forget to prepare your kids for school! After this two-week break, they’ll have to transition back into their school schedule. we know we say this all the time, like a mantra, but the best way to handle this is to work on getting them back to their school bedtimes slowly, over time, well in advance of the first day back to school. You can also prepare them by cleaning out their backpack and talking about school. We want to make this uneventfully easy for them to get back to school.

For those families who have concerns about moving forward into next year with insurance, or for any other reason, you’re welcome to reach out to our office. We are more than happy to discuss any specific things with you. Our people are on the phone with the insurance companies all the time, so they have a wealth of knowledge about the whole process.

We hope your New Year’s Eve goes well, and that you have an awesome new year!

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