Holidays for Kids with Special Needs

We want to take this opportunity to remind you that we’re coming up on a break, and a break means a change in schedule. Many of your kids will not be going to school over the break, so we need to think about how we can best prepare for a time that’s different, and a time where we’re celebrating. It’s always good to remember that maybe it’s a celebration for us, but for many of our kids, the change in schedule and the activities at holiday time can be quite stressful.

We often remind you to plan ahead, and this is no different. Think about your plans. Are you planning activities so that your child’s day isn’t completely unscheduled?

The other thing to think about is the holiday itself. Here are a few things that if you think about ahead of time will help your holiday be much more peaceful.

1. Timing.

Timing is such an important thing to think about. Plan for the time you’ll be away from home. Think through how your child might handle the day—you might not want to be out during your child’s most difficult part of the day. If your kids are at their best in the morning, think about getting up early to open the toys at that time, and then having some rest time before you go.

2. Food.

Food consumption is always a battle. Are they eating? Are they willing to eat things that are there, or should you bring items from home that you know they’ll eat?

3. Placement.

Are you going to a relative’s house? Or are they coming to yours? Are they going to your house first and then you’re going to their house? Would it be a better option to invite all the relatives to your house? How are you planning that day? Remember to make it a sensory-rich environment that is best suited to your child. If you’re not sure what that is, talk to your therapist.

4. Schedule a Therapy Intensive.

We realize that Christmas break can be difficult. Therapy intensives allow your child to have some structure and some input into their day to make your holiday season more peaceful. One of the reasons we are only closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day is because a lot of our families are just feeling the need to have that sensory input provided to their child in that time of transition, rather than trying to do it at home and struggling to recreate that in an already full day.

We are booking therapy intensives right now! We have several families who have already signed up. Give us a call to reserve your times!


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