What to do after summer camp

What To Do After a Summer Camp

So now that we’ve had a camp, what do we do after camp?

I bet you didn’t even realize that there’s an “after camp!” But there’s always an after camp.

What will they be doing the next week?

When our clients, our kiddos, leave camp, are they going to another camp? Are they going to be staying at home? Are they going on a vacation? This is another transition, and we know that transitions are A) tough, and B) challenging. So just as you take the time to get your child ready for camp, you also need to take the time to get your child ready to leave camp.

What happened at camp?

Sometimes the camps you’ve chosen have a therapeutic component to them. It’s important to find out what went on at camp so that you can continue with whatever skills were started at camp. Your child gains momentum with that skill at camp, and you don’t want to lose that momentum afterward.

If your child struggled at camp, make sure you share that information with your therapist. If your child struggled with a speech and language issue, talk to your speech and language therapist. If it was a physical issue, talk to your physical therapist. If it had to do with a lot of sensory-motor, writing, fine-motor skills, talk to your occupational therapist. Maybe it was a behavioral issue. In that case, talk to us and we’ll help you to identify what was causing that behavior.

How to apply what they learned at camp:

We want to help your child to take the skills they learn here and transition them to home, and in and out of other environments. It’s important that we evaluate the after-camp process so that we can continue creating that success. We want to make sure we’re always moving in a forward direction!

So let us know how camp went! We want to know. If it went well, we’ll be thrilled! If it didn’t go well, that’s important information for us because that allows us to readjust the treatment plan and really evaluate what went on in that process.

Remember, the after-camp process is equally as important as the before-camp process!

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