sports for special needs kids

Sports For Special Needs Kids in Allen

Sports season is coming up soon! Sometimes our families don’t realize that they actually have many options as far as sports for special needs kids to participate in. 

Special Olympics

It’s important to connect with your community, and connect with the families around you, because they may know of great resources for you to take advantage of. Here in Allen, the Special Olympics is a fantastic resource! They do events all throughout the year, everything from bowling to swimming to bocce to volleyball to basketball—and more! These are usually done in conjunction with the school district, probably around age 7. 

Angel Leagues

Another option that we have locally in Allen is the Angel Leagues, that our lovely Kiwanis help support. The Angel Leagues are a great environment for our kids to participate in sports. They focus on T-ball and softball and have sessions twice a year, about 9 weeks long, with a banquet at the end. Everyone gets a trophy! They assign a student from the community to help shadow your kiddo during the event, making these events a really nice social activity for them as well. 

Miracle League

Our partner city, Frisco, has a thing called the Miracle League. They have really expanded in recent years and they do multiple sports—football, basketball, baseball, track, soccer, bowling, and they even have cheer for the girls. They have their own area where they do these events, and we believe they are six-week segments, two sessions in the fall and two in the spring. 

So those are a few options that are out there but check with your local school district, or your regional center, to see what other options may be out there. For example, this May our wheelchair-bound kids can participate in the Kinetic Games, which is another great opportunity!

What’s your kiddo’s favorite sport? Let us know in the comments! 

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