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Why Our Speech Therapy Appointments are 45 Minutes

Here at Cutting Edge, one thing we’re very proud of is our model of speech therapy.

One of the ways that our speech model is different than a lot of other places is the amount of time that we offer speech therapy. We do a 45-minute model. Usually, most people who bill your insurance are doing a 30-minute speech session. This is because insurance companies have changed the way speech is billed, and it’s billed very differently than OT or PT.

Insurance for speech therapy:

Insurance has speech therapists collect one fee per treatment.  In OT we can bill for treatment in 15-minute increments. But speech bills one fee, whether it’s a 15 minute or three hour session. It’s the same charge, no matter how much time the session runs. 

So that’s why most places who bill your insurance stick to a 30-minute model. It’s based on this fact that therapists are paid one fee for the treatment itself. It discourages therapists from giving longer treatments, because they can’t bill for them. 

30 minutes is not long enough:

But we felt that the 30-minute model wasn’t adequate. (We don’t even do 30-minute OT treatments!) What we found is that once the child comes in, takes their shoes off, and transitions into the treatment area—with some of our kids that can take up to 10 minutes! Then they work for maybe 10 minutes, and it’s time to start the transition back out. This just doesn’t provide a quality session!

Why the extra 15 minutes is important:

This is why we decided to move to a 45-minute model. This way we can use that extra 15 minutes for the transition time, and your child gets a solid 30 minutes of direct service with your speech therapist. Your insurance company still treats this as a 30-minute session and pays accordingly, but we know that this 45-minute session is better for your children.

We would love to do longer sessions! We’d love to do sessions of an hour, hour and a half, or even two hours! And we can do that if you are on private pay and don’t need us to bill your insurance. Private pay clients have a whole lot more flexibility to do much longer sessions. But unfortunately if we are billing insurance for the therapy, we can’t do that. Insurance requires that we stick with the model that they’ve established.

Many of our speech competitors out there that don’t bill insurance do hour-long sessions. They can do this because the parents are paying cash, and then they give the parents an invoice. We can do the exact same thing here and do longer sessions and intensives. We’d love for you to talk to us about options!

But if you do need to stick with insurance, know that we use a 45-minute model to allow that extra time, so that your child is getting the benefit of a full speech therapy session. The 45-minute model is better for the child, and we are committed to giving the best therapy possible! Please call us with any questions!

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